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Singapore Employment Pass & Work/Residency Visas

Through our in-house Ministry of Manpower licensed employment agency, we can provide you with the following visa processing services:

  • Employment Pass (“EP”) or SPass Application (for eligible professional, technical and service industry workers to legally work for a Singapore employer – including own Singapore registered company if EP holder).
  • Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) Application (for high-level executive managers, consultants, technicians and advisors who wish to take on multiple professional appointments at a time – but will not be a board director/stakeholder).
  • EntrePass Application (for foreign entrepreneurs owning a trademark/patent, novel concept, etc. Can be director/shareholder of own company)
  • Work Permit Application (for semi-skilled/lower skilled foreign workers from specific source countries per industry sector)
  • Dependant Pass Application (for spouse and child(ren)/adopted child(ren) of an eligible Employment Pass/SPass holders to accompany EP/Spass holder)
  • Application for a “Letter of Consent” (“LOC”) for a Dependant Pass holder to legally work in Singapore/set up their own sole proprietorship business.
  • Long Term Visit Pass Application (for Common-law spouse, step-child or handicapped child of an eligible Employment Pass/SPass holder to accompany EP/Spass holder).